What are Zebra Shades?

Have you ever struggled between wanting privacy and letting in natural light? Horizontal blinds can feel like an all-or-nothing choice. But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

Introducing Zebra Shades from Tulip Blinds. Also known as Day-and-Night Blinds, Vision Blinds or Duo Blinds, Zebra Shades provide sleek window treatment with alternating opaque and sheer horizontal stripes. By simply adjusting the fabric, you can transform the light and privacy in your room.

Zebra Shades: The Perfect Blend of Function and Style
Don’t settle for blinds that only offer one function. Zebra Shades from Tulip Blinds are the perfect daytime light diffuser and night time privacy solution.

With their sleek design, choice of fabrics and ease of operation, they’re a stylish and convenient choice for any modern home. Our unique dual fabric design helps eliminate fabric static build up due to fabric friction, found on most day-and-night shades.

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Benefits of Tulip's Zebra Shades

Here’s what Zebra Shades from Tulip Blinds can do for you:

Align the sheer stripes for a soft, diffused light that brightens your space while maintaining some privacy

Zebra Shades are suitable for many room types, especially for living rooms and kitchens.

Overlap the opaque stripes to create a cosy, private atmosphere ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.

No more endlessly raising or lowering blinds. Zebra Blinds offer smooth, precise light control at your fingertips

The clean lines and unique striped design add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Our Zebra Shades are available in various fabric styles, properties to match your style and needs. With a choice between 9 chains, left or right chain control side, the cassette colours and option of a cassette fabric insert, our Zebra Shades can perfectly complement your room decor.

Unlike most similar blinds and brands, Tulip’s Zebra Shades are Anti-Static, thanks to our duo roller system which we use two seperate pieces of fabric that do not cause friction between each other.

Our Sturdy Dual Fabric Tube Clutch is fitted to dual 28mm high strength aluminium fabric roller tubes and all of of our blinds components are constructed using quality components.

All of our blinds are made to measure to your exact requirements by our fitting team before being manufactured for fitting. Our Zebra Shades come pre-aligned and adjusted to your window height and are designed to automatically clear standard window panels.

All of our blinds come fitted inside your home. However, should you need to take them down and rehang them later, you can easily do so with our high quality  brackets which can be Top-Fixed or Face-Fixed to your window recess.

Child safety is so important and could save a life if you have little . All of our Zebra Shades come with the option of Cleats, P-Clips or Chain Breakers.

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Wide Range of Fabric Colours, Properties and Styles

Our fabrics come in a wide range of colours, styles and properties such as Transparent, Translucent, Fire Retardant, Blackout, or Screen. Our fabrics are available across 4 different price bands, with Price Band 1 being the most affordable to Price Band 4 being our most premium fabrics.

Zebra Shade Cassette Colours & Size

Our Zebra Shade Cassettes are currently available in a choice of 3 colours; Ivory, Natural ( Anodised ) or White and can be optionally fitted with a Fabric Insert ( See Below ).

All of our Zebra Shade Cassettes are 70.4mm tall by 75.4mm deep.

Cassette Fabric Inserts

Add a finishing touch to your Tulip Zebra Shade by opting to have the chosen fabric, as an insert, fitted to your Zebra Shade Cassette.

Available as an optional extra (not fitted as standard). *Certain Fabrics may (Transparent Fabrics) are not suitable for Fabric Inserts.

Choice of 9 Chain Colours

Zebra Shades are available in a choice of nine stylish options:

  1. Satin Nickel (Metal)
  2. Raw Brass (Metal)
  3. Black Nickel (Metal)
  4. Bronze (Metal)
  5. Copper (Metal)
  6. Acid Brass (Metal)
  7. Grey Nickel (Metal)
  8. Antique Brass (Metal)
  9. White (Plastic)

Fixing Brackets

Although fitting is included as part of our service, there may be times you wish to take down your blinds for window or blind maintenance/cleaning.    Available as Top-Fix or Face-Fix, the integrated quick release mechanism makes it very easy to hang take down the blind as the cassette simply hooks on for easy fitting. The Fixing Brackets for our Zebra Shades are designed to automatically clear most standard window panels.

Just a one-person job!

How to Order

We will first need to look over your requirements before we can give you a quote or allow ordering. This is due to not only the size of the windows but also the quantity, fabric choice, hardware requirements, travel location and time involved in evaluating, manufacturing and completing the installation. Below is our ordering process for home automated blinds:

1 | Outreach

Contact us to discuss your requirements. One of our team members can discuss your needs or provide an estimate. You can leave a message and we will contact you or you can call us.

2 | Home Consultation

We can arrange to visit your home at a day and time that works best for you to assess your requirements, show fabric samples, get exact window measurements and discuss any recommendations for your home.

3 | Manufacture & Test

Once you're happy to order, we will make your blinds at our factory in Laois to your exact specifications, program any hardware required, and conduct quality control and testing before delivery.

4 | Fitting and Pairing

Once complete, we will contact you to arrange a fitting date for us to come and install your blinds and configure them to work with your home devices.

Areas We Cover

To offer you personalised and efficient service, we only cover areas within the following counties because they are a short travel distance from our location. If you do not see your area listed below, contact us to enquire.

About Tulip Blinds

Tulip Blinds has over 40 years of collective experience in the ‘blind manufacturing business’. 

We have been manufacturing pleated and Honeycell blinds for over 15 years, and now all consumers can avail of Honeycell and pleated motorised blinds by purchasing from us directly.

As a primarily ‘trade-only’ business, we regularly supply other blind companies, meaning we always stand by what we produce. We always strive to produce blinds of the highest quality that we believe are the best on the market.

We don’t promise you the ‘cheapest price’, but we promise you the best quality, support and back-up at a reasonable price.

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