What are Pleated Blinds?

Pleated blinds are an elegant and decorative option that offers a perfect blend of charm and functionality. Our blinds are meticulously crafted with signature inverted pleats, making them a unique and sophisticated addition to any room. We only use top-quality components while manufacturing our blinds, and our fabrics come in an array of colours, patterns and types to match your home’s style and colour scheme, allowing for a personalised touch to your home.

Our blinds are handmade to the highest safety standards and can be customised to suit individual preferences, making them a preferred choice for many homeowners.

What are HoneyCell Blinds?

Our HoneyCell Blinds (also known as cellular shades or honeycomb blinds) are highly versatile and energy-efficient. They are constructed with unique honeycomb-shaped fabric cells, providing superior insulation and energy efficiency due to their distinct pockets, which trap air, thus creating an extra layer of insulation at the window.

We offer an expansive selection of cellular (honeycomb) shades with almost 100 fabric options, including various textures, properties and colours to suit your home.

Our blinds are handmade to the highest safety standards and can be customised to suit individual preferences, making them a preferred choice for many homeowners.

Battery Powered or Electric Powered?

Tulip Blinds can provide both Battery Powered and Mains Powered blinds. BREL Motors and Accessories powers all our blinds and is known for its reliability and durability. Choosing Electric Powered or Battery Powered Blinds is an essential consideration, as it can significantly impact convenience, installation, and overall functionality. Here are some of the key factors:

Battery Powered Window Blinds:

  • An external battery powers these blinds and requires re-charging.
  • They offer the advantage of being wireless, eliminating the need for visible cords or wiring.
  • Battery life varies based on lifetime usage and other environmental factors.

Mains Powered Window Blinds:

  • These blinds are connected directly to the building’s electrical system.
  • They do not rely on batteries and thus do not require periodic battery changes or recharging.

Battery Powered:

  • Since they are wireless, installation is generally more straightforward and quicker, requiring no wiring or electrical expertise.
  • They are ideal for retrofitting existing spaces without significant modifications.

Mains Powered:

  • Installation involves connecting the blinds to the building’s electrical system, which may require assistance from an electrical professional.
  • They are more suitable for new construction or renovations where wiring can be integrated.

Battery Powered:

  • Maintenance mostly involves replacing the battery at the end of life, which can be done on-site or at our factory if other maintenance is required also.
  • Reliability depends on battery life and ensuring the batteries are adequately charged.

Mains Powered:

  • Once installed, these blinds typically require minimal maintenance and occasional cleaning.
  • They offer consistent and reliable operation without the concern of battery depletion.

Battery Powered:

  • Initial costs may be lower due to simplified installation and no need for electrical work.
  • However, ongoing costs related to battery replacement should be factored in over time.

Mains Powered:

  • The initial investment may be higher due to installation requirements and potentially professional assistance.
  • However, there are no ongoing expenses related to battery replacement.

Controlling your Blinds.

Our Pleated and Honeycell Motorised Electric and Battery Operated Blinds can be controlled through many means. We generally supply our customers with either Handset Remotes or Wall Switches. Your blinds can also be controlled using the Brel App, Smart Devices or Home Automation Systems. You simply require a home router with an active internet connection and a BREL Home Hub to pair your blinds to your internet connection.

Remotes & Switches

Use Brel Remotes or Wall Switches to control your blinds with the touch of a button.

The remotes are available in single (for each blind) or 15-channel (for control of multiple blinds using one remote), ideal for portability around the home.

The Wall Switches are ideal for fixing onto a wall. No Wires. Elegant yet simple.

Brel Home App

The Brel Home App allows you to use your smartphone to control your blinds at home. It comes with various options to allow automation of your blinds, including timers, devices, remote operations and precision control.

The Brel Home App requires an active Internet Connection and Router and a BREL Home Hub to allow remote connectivity.

Smart Devices

Using your Brel Home App and your compatible Smart Device, you can command your blinds to open and close through speech commands using various smart devices.

Home Automation

Did you know that Home Automation Systems can control your blinds too? Our Blinds are compatible with many home automation systems, some of which are listed below.

How to Order

We will first need to look over your requirements before we can give you a quote or allow ordering. This is due to not only the size of the windows but also the quantity, fabric choice, hardware requirements, travel location and time involved in evaluating, manufacturing and completing the installation. Below is our ordering process for home automated blinds:

1 | Outreach

Contact us to discuss your requirements. One of our team members can discuss your needs or provide an estimate. You can leave a message and we will contact you or you can call us.

2 | Home Consultation

We can arrange to visit your home at a day and time that works best for you to assess your requirements, show fabric samples, get exact window measurements and discuss any recommendations for your home.

3 | Manufacture & Test

Once you're happy to order, we will make your blinds at our factory in Laois to your exact specifications, program any hardware required, and conduct quality control and testing before delivery.

4 | Fitting and Pairing

Once complete, we will contact you to arrange a fitting date for us to come and install your blinds and configure them to work with your home devices.

Areas We Cover

To offer you personalised and efficient service, we only cover areas within the following counties because they are a short travel distance from our location. If you do not see your area listed below, contact us to enquire.

About Tulip Blinds

Tulip Blinds has over 40 years of collective experience in the ‘blind manufacturing business’. 

We have been manufacturing pleated and Honeycell blinds for over 15 years, and now all consumers can avail of Honeycell and pleated motorised blinds by purchasing from us directly.

As a primarily ‘trade-only’ business, we regularly supply other blind companies, meaning we always stand by what we produce. We always strive to produce blinds of the highest quality that we believe are the best on the market.

We don’t promise you the ‘cheapest price’, but we promise you the best quality, support and back-up at a reasonable price.


Having ordered pleated blinds and curtain rails for my office and workshop, the quality and craftsmanship of Tulip Blinds are truly second to none. Many of my customers ask where I got my blinds from and I have always referred them to Tulip. Will be definitely be buying again soon for my home. Highly recommended company.

David Lanigan

Neon Digital

We use tulip bespoke manual and motorised Roman headrails for every Roman blind we make. We have been extremely happy with them, and with the service provided by tulip and would recommend everyone to change to them. We have never had an issue, and the customer after care is first rate

Craig Farr

Absolutely delighted with our blinds, Bill and Linda are a pleasure to deal with and couldn't do enough for us. Our blinds are fab inside and from outside! So quick with our installation also, highly recommend 🤗

Karen Lawlor

Dear Bill and team,
Thank you very much for sorting out my blinds that broke down after one year. Your craftsmanship and love for a quality work is outstanding.
So happy to support a local business who really takes care for its customers.

Thank you!

Luis Santiago

Linda organised the blinds for all the windows in my house when it was first built and her customer service as been excellent since then from replacing old blinds and cords to giving general advice when needed.
I would highly recommend.

Kate Breslin

Quality products, excellent service, very reliable. I can order one day and the courier is at my door around lunchtime next day!

Claire Armstrong

Excellent products from a trusted family-run business. Constantly innovating to stay a step ahead.

Jules Austin-Leppington

If Pleated / Honeycell Blinds are not your style

We also manufacture a range of other blind types also from Motorised Romans Headrails, Motorised Rollers, Zebra (Day and Night) Blinds and others.

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