Zebra Shades

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Tulip's Zebra Shades provide a finishing touch that is not only the best on the market, but exudes elegance and makes a striking statement in any room. Our Zebra Shades are neat, compact and unlike other systems run on two individual rollers hidden inside the cassette, which helps eliminate static build up during operation.
Another advantage is that, when installed, it comes down in the closed position on the window sill, so no time-wasting trying to align it. We always set the bottom bar and fabric exactly the same on every blind during manufacturing as this ensures if you have four or five blinds in a row, they will all stop in the closed position with ease on the window sill. To open then up, you simply take the rear chain, pull it, the blind will then come into the open position.

The double fabric on our Zebra Shades allows you to adjust the alignment of sheer and solid stripes, allowing you to create the light, view and privacy you desire. With the one blind and a simple chain side control, it is possible to achieve total privacy by aligning the horizontal stripes. You may also create a sheer affect by aligning the translucent stripes or retract the blind completely when the mood takes you. This soft look shade allows you too easily and quickly alter the amount of light entering the room.

Tulip offers an extensive collection of Zebra Fabrics that includes fabrics (some 2.6m wide perfect for your larger blinds) with a refined natural weaving texture as well as fabrics with a more open structure that beautifully filter the light. Currently, we offer almost 40 different Zebra Shade Fabrics.

Apart from an extensive collection of timeless fabrics, our product range includes innovative systems that are easy to install and use. The brackets are suitable for face fixing to frames, making for easy installation. The brackets are designed to automatically clear the standard 38ml window handles and simple click fittings for securely attaching the shade making our Zebra Shades easy to take down, clean and refit.

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