Our Story (About Us)

Our Story

Tulip Blinds have over 40 years experience between us in the ‘blind and manufacturing business’.  We know what it’s like to set up a business, the joys and the worries.  We also know what it’s like to find suppliers you can trust and rely on.  As a small business owner, it’s nice to feel someone ‘has your back’.  We know that mistakes can be very costly and when you don’t have a massive turnover it’s a worry.  As a result, of our own personal experiences, we promise our customers that we will ‘treat your business as our own business’.  We will go that extra mile.  We understand you don’t need us to be on call 24/7 but we also know that every now and then you just might need an answer to a question, out of hours.  We are happy for our customers to have our mobile numbers as we know, business owners don’t always work normal business hours.

We here at Tulip are not just about selling you rails and tracks, anyone can do that…… We aim to look after you and your business and make your life easier.  We always strive to bring you products that we believe are the very best on the market.

We will guide you through the ambiguities of the ‘child safety laws’ and keep you up to date with the latest most cost-effective ways of achieving compliance.

We don’t promise you the ‘cheapest price’ but we do promise you the best quality, support and back-up at a reasonable price.

In building this website we relied on some of our wonderful customers to supply us with fantastic images. We are particularly grateful to Kate Tiffin, Charlotte Briscoe, Paula Berens, Gail Fielding, Mike from Whitby Blinds, Sam Kelly




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