Roman Headrail Kits

Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless

When you’re looking for the perfect Roman Headrail look no further. At Tulip, we promise we have what's probably the best headrails in the world. We haven’t gone for quantity we’ve gone for quality. We offer you a choice of three headrails, all made to your exact requirements, all fabulous quality and all have our ‘no quibble’ lifetime guarantee.

You can choose from our gorgeous selection of chains, all at no extra cost. We offer child safety options to suit everyone. We even have a headrail with a very clever self-adhesive strip!!!

Motorised Roman Headrail with 12v motor and battery inserted within the headrail. 1,5 & 15 channel handsets are available.

SmartHome Controller for controlling your blinds from an App on your smartphone

Instructions for installing Motorised Roman Blinds

Tulip Blinds Motorisation

Wiring 12v Transformer


I have used several different suppliers for headrails and really like the Tulip ones because they are great quality and very smooth to operate. My fitter likes them too. Tulip 1:1 headrails can pull up more weight than the others. In my view, if a customer is paying good money for a beautiful handmade roman blind, do they really want to pull it up on a clunky headrail?

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