The GATORTAPE® is like no other tape measure. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, along with our Snout Lock Technology, the GATORTAPE® makes measuring easy for everyone. Offering a 25mm wide and 5m long blade gives you a 2.2m/7FT+ Standout.

Our Uniquely designed CLASS 1 Blades and Top Viewing Window makes every measurement deadly accurate, reassuring you the measurement is true. The GATORTAPE® is a one-of-a-kind tool which all trades and DIYers can use!

GATORTAPE is available in Metric only, with Imperial Only or Dual (Metric and Imperial) coming soon.

We also stock a range of accessories such as the GATORTAPE Curtain Claw and the GATORTAPE Holster or you can purchase all 3 and save.

Key Features

  • Top Mounted Window

    When designing the Gatortape we wanted to make measuring easy. Extending the blade, the measurement is clearly displayed in the viewing window and can be estimated to fractions of a millimetre

  • Stable Back Plate

    When taking accurate measurements, you need to ensure that you are taking measurements perpendicular to the measuring surface, that's why we designed the back plate to ensure this. The back plate also allows the Gatortape to self support for vertical measurements

  • Powerful Snout Lock

    Locking in a measurement can sometimes be a pain, the design of the Gatortape ensures the body is always sitting comfortably in your hand with a finger on the snout to lock in the measurement.

  • High Visibility Blade Design

    Accuracy is at the heart of Gatortape and you can always be sure of the reading with Class 1 precision (+/- 1.1mm over 10m) and bright high visibility markings on a black background making everything as clear as can be.

  • Points Of Measurement

    The Gatortape comes into its own when taking internal measurements, placing the back plate against one surface and extending the blade to the other takes the guess work out of internal measurements. This is not to say it cant be used like a normal tape measure and it's true zero tip allows for external measurements too.


Gator Tape is perfect for:


Customer Testimonials

Craig Lawlor
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Fantastic product. This is exactly what the industry need and is missing. I couldn’t recommend this product enough. Very satisfied customer. A must in everyone’s tool box!
Clitheroe Blinds
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The Gatortape has made surveying so much easier. Bending a measuring tape for internal measurements is always risky for getting it correct to the millimeter. This is where the gatortape comes in. The reader on the measuring tape body allows our surveyors to take exact measurements without having to bend the tape! Resulting in the perfect size every time. Unlike the stanley tape which has a similar function, the gatortape has a wider and stronger blade which isn't floppy when taking wider measurements, the reader can be read easily in any direction, the numbers and lines are much clearer making it quicker to read and it is available in metric only which makes it perfect for us as we only use metric sizes. We love the product and would most definitely recommend it! Thank you to the team at Gatortape for this fantastic innovation!!!
Simon Keats
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I fit Bathrooms, Kitchens & Bedrooms. Over the last 10 years, I've probably tried every tape measure on the market. This tape kills them all! If you, like me, work on your own then this will change your life! 🙂. Super long extension without collapse, and the only tape measure that you can use your foot to lock it when measuring verticals! Spot on accuracy - I used to measure twice to find centres but no more. Recommended to all my Tradie friends. Seriously brilliant bit of kit.
John Dunn
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Great Tape . So accurate . No more tape bending to get into corners . Every DIYER , should have one . Ideal gift for Xmas
English Oak Buildings
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This is a super handy tape. We've been using it to measure up for the glazing on our frames. Its very quick and accurate to use and allows us to get right into the corners.
Debbi Hill
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Absolutely brilliant product. I have a curtain and Roman blind-making business and this tape is the best design I have come across in my years of trading. . . . highly recommend
Nishit Kotak
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Gator Tape have a fantastic product - very handy to make sure you can easily get accurate measurements. Great to know there is also an imperial version too.
James Parkinson
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Gator Tape is the best tape I've used thats available in the marketplace
Glen Murphy
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The perfect tool for any surveying job. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Michelle JC Smyth
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It's a game-changer and not only beats a standard tape measure but also a laser measure.

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