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Tulip offer a range of neat curtain tracks to suit a variety of uses.
With a choice of  Rails, Brackets and Gliders to almost every task, all of our Curtain Tracks are quality made and can be manufactured and shipped on the same day.

A very compact and elegant rail with choice of asymmetric or ripple gliders.

110.12 Hand Drawn Curtain Track

Hand Drawn

Light Weight

No Bend Option

White Profile

Pleated Curtains

Ripple Curtains

Standard Gliders

Ripple Gliders

110.12 Curtain Track

One of our newest curtain tracks, the 110.12 curtain track is our smallest profile track and is perfect for discreet ceiling installations and comes fitted with standard gliders, or you can upgrade to ripple gliders.
The Tulip 110.12 Curtain Hand Drawn Track offers the best value for track of this quality. Suitable for lightweight curtains, it can be used both top fix (ceiling) or face fix with the choice of brackets to suit. It‘s narrow profile (20mm x 8.5mm), is very discreet and can joined for the longer curtains.

Key Features


Material Aluminium
Width 20mm (3/4")
Height 8.5mm (8/16")
Colour White
Weight (pM) 0.15 KG/ 0.33 lbs


  • Put additional brackets before and after the joint/ bend.
  • The capacity and fixing distance are as a guide.
  • They may vary depending on installation method, surface and so on.

Bracket Options & Extras

We supply a range of Top-Fix and Face-Fix Brackets that will work to your needs. Our system will calculate the recommend brackets for you based on your track width. These brackets are for use with our 110.12 Curtain Track model only. Bracket Covers are included with brackets.

We also provide the following as extras for the 110.12. These include Rail Joiner, Curtain Hooks, Ripple Tape, Ripple Cords and Z-Arm Runner & Arm (for Double Tracks). Joiner is included in price if rail is over 3M wide.

Onda Surf 360 Ripple Gliders

An alternative to our normal ripple gliders, the Onda Surf 360 Ripple Gliders uses a ribbon instead of a cord which bunches neatly inside the rail, unlike cords which can protrude out. They are also adaptable to bended tracks such as our 110.14.

Available in 60mm and 80mm and sold per meter or per spool, the Onda Surf 360 Ripple Gliders are available in White, Grey and Black. Combined with our brake, the curtain can stop at the exact position, without any backward movement.

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